class lnst.Recipes.ENRT.ConfigMixins.DisableIdleStatesMixin.DisableIdleStatesMixin

Bases: BaseSubConfigMixin

This mixin class is an extension to the BaseEnrtRecipe class that can be used to control the CPU idle states before running the tests.

Any recipe that wants to use the mixin must define the disable_idlestates_host_list property first.


minimal_idlestates_latency – (optional test parameter) an integer, the value is passed as the latency argument of the ‘cpupower idle-set -D’ command that will disable all idle states with an equal or higher latency than the specified value on all hosts defined by disable_idlestates_host_list property. If the value is 0 this will effectively disable all CPU idle states.

property disable_idlestates_host_list

The value of this property is a list of hosts for which the CPU idle states should be turned off. Derived class can override this property.